Everything changes

Ne te quasiveris extra

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Bridget Jones

It feels like you’re waiting to find someone in the VIP room who’s- who’s so fantastic, just the way she is, that you don’t need to fix her.

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We are wrong

There are moments in life were you hit a wall. I wish I wouldn’t but I do. My life appears to find an obstacle, I am weak and I find myself deciding whether I step up or I stay the same. Stepping up has always been my decision: fight hard, be better, improve. That is the most beautiful thing I can do for myself. When everything is over and I overcome this adversity, I realize I also could have decided to quit, but for me that was never an option.

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I guess I will never fully understand this concept. I feel as if it was imaginary, it actually doesn’t exist for me. I wish I could be in the point of my life where I felt it but I’ve never actually reached it…I don’t know why am I so jealous of her, she is not better…or does he think so?